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Go ahead, be skeptical about big data. The author was—at first.When the term “big data” first came on the scene, bestselling author Tom Davenport (Competing on Analytics, Analytics at Work) thought it was just another example of technology hype. But his research in the years that followed changed his mind.Now, in clear, conversational language, Davenport explains what bigGo ahead, be skeptical about big data. The author was—at first.When the term “big data” first came on the scene, bestselling author Tom Davenport (Competing on Analytics, Analytics at Work) thought it was just another example of technology hype. But his research in the years that followed changed his mind.Now, in clear, conversational language, Davenport explains what big data means—and why everyone in business needs to know about it. Big Data at Work covers all the bases: what big data means from a technical, consumer, and management perspective; what its opportunities and costs are; where it can have real business impact; and which aspects of this hot topic have been oversold.This book will help you understand:• Why big data is important to you and your organization• What technology you need to manage it• How big data could change your job, your company, and your industry• How to hire, rent, or develop the kinds of people who make big data work• The key success factors in implementing any big data project• How big data is leading to a new approach to managing analyticsWith dozens of company examples, including UPS, GE, Amazon, United Healthcare, Citigroup, and many others, this book will help you seize all opportunities—from improving decisions, products, and services to strengthening customer relationships. It will show you how to put big data to work in your own organization so that you too can harness the power of this ever-evolving new resource....

Title : Big Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities
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Big Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities Reviews

  • Dani Shuping
    2018-11-12 10:26

    ARC provided by NetGalleyBig data. What is it and why the heck do we keep hearing people talk about it? Hasn't it been around for years and years? Haven't we always looked at data? Yes..and no. In Big Data at Work author Tom Davenport, expert in analytics, shares with us that at one time he too thought big data was just a retread of old information. But then he started looking into it and he discovered...big data is new. In this book Davenport tells us in a concise, nonsense, and nontechnical way of what big data is and why it should matter to us. Davenport starts us at the very beginning of explaining in simple, easy to understand terms and illustrations as to what big data is and why it's different from regular analytics. Big data, as Davenport explains, consists of unstructured data--such as comments on a feedback form; is made up of 100 terabytes or more of information; and that it is a continuous flow of data, it doesn't stop just because a survey ends. Davenport clearly explains to us that not everyone will need big data or people to analyze it, but walks us through the different aspects that might be of interest to us, why it matters, and how we can go about implementing it in our own businesses. He shares with us how companies the size of Netflix and Google are using big data to help change their approach at how they interact with their users, but even more importantly he shares with us how startups are utilizing big data to get ahead of their peers.Even more importantly for me, Davenport explains to readers about how to get people on board with wanting to examine big data and how to build a strategy and framework into implementing it. I say it's the most important for me, because so many authors put out pie in the sky dreams or hopes, or suggest things that are only practical for businesses the size of Google. Davenport instead talks about how to do this on a practical small scale and gives us examples of how it has worked for different groups already in existence.For anyone that is interested in the study of data, whether big or small, and how you can utilize it in your place of work, this is a must have book. Davenport's clear and concise terminology will help you understand it and explain it to others that you work with, even if they think that data crunching is looking at 2 spreadsheets at a time. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and it will definitely have a place on my book shelf.

  • Roy Wang
    2018-11-06 13:31

    This book is a simple accessible guide to help business owners and executives make sense of big data technologies, including their numerous opportunities, potential benefits, required talents, business strategies, implementation processes, etc. Don't expect any nitty-gritty stuff, but reading the book should provide a good starting point for evaluating and probing into how exactly to apply big data technologies in a way that aligns with and supports your company's key objectives.

  • Ariadna73
    2018-11-05 12:25

    Absolutely interesting! All the articles are written with such clarity that it is a pleasure to enjoy the reading. I loved the way the authors describe how the new trends are re-shaping diverse industries and how the data scientists are never going to be out of work... which makes me sigh in relief...

  • Geoff
    2018-10-28 09:47

    A good managerial overview on what you "should" do with data. Technology is advancing so fast in this space, any in-depth analysis (or high level for that matter) will be out of date before publication. The business aspects are good and always the bigger challenge. IT should drive governance - great if a business agrees but a battle royale if they don't. Still worth the time to get an idea on concepts.

  • Nancy
    2018-11-19 09:24

    If you are in the data mining/analysis field, this is probably a fascinating read. I found certain parts of it interesting but for the most part it was really dry and I thought it would never end. And I really got tired of hearing the term "early days". As in, "It's still early days, but...".

  • Rodrigo Leão
    2018-10-26 10:30

    The author stole my money on this book. This one contains exactly what his other books, but with a new cover...

  • Deepa Krishnan
    2018-10-25 11:47

    DNF. If after 40 pages the value proposition of the book doesn't come through I can't continue.

  • Guilherme
    2018-11-09 16:37

    This is a very dry book and feels slightly outdated since it was released. It feels like this book could be condensed into an article without loss of content.

  • Hallie Cantor
    2018-11-18 11:32

    Surprisingly readable book on the explosion of big data and its emergence within modern businesses. I expected a dry overview of data analytics. Instead, I was given a clear introduction to the nature of big data, the reason for its growing focus within so many organizations, and the change (if not havoc) it will bring on future commerce, traffic, security, innovation, etc. Data is growing exponentially. Nowadays it encompasses not just the facts (i.e. name, rank, serial number) but shopping patterns, video clips, social media, podcasts, music. They are a gold mine for all kinds of information, which can help a physician determine the best treatment for a patient, or a travel agent can curate an entire hotel package for an executive at a convention. The author discusses crucial software programs like Hadoop, which probably by now (3 years later) is obsolete, and the necessary communication and relationship skills to interpret data and find effective solutions. He cites examples such as Netflix, Google, and -- the greatest of all -- Amazon, which has retained every single byte of data because of possible use later. This book is a great complement to the two I read last year -- BIG DATA, which also describes its uses, and SMALL DATA, which goes into the overlooked details, which are gleaned only through human contact and community. This is, in fact, my one criticism of the overreliance on data. Interpretation depends a lot on religious, cultural, institutional, and personal context. Hate to see robots replacing us totally, because there are nuances robots will never get. Nevertheless, big data has already helped large-scale operations, like airports and factories.Although the main audience is presumably CEOs and managers -- and at the end of each chapter are questions and guidelines for integration of data analytics into an organization -- this book will appeal to the curiosity of anyone interested in data science.

  • Avolyn Fisher
    2018-11-11 09:42

    I read this book to gain a better understanding of how Big Data can benefit companies who develop intentional efforts to harness all that big data has to offer. Given that I don't have a large technical background in data analysis or programming, I appreciated the easy to follow language that was used throughout the book. With that being said, I don't feel like I gained a deeper understanding of how to harness this resource that is taking the business world by storm. The examples given were very interesting and definitely got my thoughts going but I felt that Thomas was a little vague and really only said that big data is complex and you need to go into it with a plan and make sure management is on board, without any further elaboration. In the first half of the book Thomas skips around and mentions that he'll go into further detail on certain subjects in later chapters or chapter x. Then in the second half of the book he regurgitates information he already touched on saying, I previously mentioned this in chapter x so I won't go over it again. Or he would reference his other book and briefly mention a topic before adding, you can read more in my other book. I don't mean to tear him apart but the style of his writing was beginning to drive me crazy. He would open into his next example and say "see X case study" literally 4 lines above where the case study begins. It wasn't a reference to a footnote. It's like, dude, I'm reading your book, you don't need to queue me to read more (in parenthesis) of something that's about to come my way in 5 lines.Still a worthwhile read but I don't know if it warranted an entire book.

  • Felix
    2018-10-20 09:52

    Big data at work is an hype-free introduction to the highly popularized topic of big data. The books' content, depth and structure are targeted to novices in the field of big data. I would especially recommend the book to managers who having heard about big data are looking for a guide on what it is, where to start, what is needed and some success stories.Davenport introduces the concept of big data in an excellent manner. The introduction is jargon free and filled with excellent examples. He follows this up by explaining in a concise manner how it will affect different business functions and industries. The book is then filled with pointers on how to come up with a big data strategy, the human face of big data and the technology behind big data.Even though I was impressed with the great summation of a complex topic into simple and quickly understandable forms, I was greatly annoyed by the authors repetition of examples and statement. E.g. He used a particular example on linkedin and kept referring back to it so many times that it became exasperating. I would recommend the book to any one new to the topic big data. The book is not at all technical and any technical person will find it boring and uninformative. Welcome to the world of big data.

  • Pete Wung
    2018-10-19 10:34

    Since I know next to nothing about Big Data, this book was a welcomed oasis in the rapidly changing world of information technology. Davenport is a business consultant, as such his focus is on the conceptual and business end of the idea. I was looking for something that was closer to the technical end. To be fair, he does make a more than valiant stab at listing what big data can do for actual physical products rather than just virtual products.I think he did a great job of introducing me to the idea of big data, what it is, what it would take to implement, the million and one considerations that one needs to take into account prior to jumping in with both feet. I think the key thing that he kept hammering on was that Big Data is more than just analytics on steroids. He made that point abundantly clear. I appreciate the way Davenport presents the information concisely and in detail without losing the reader and without condescending to the reader's lack of knowledge. Obviously this is not a be all end all book on big data, but it is a great introduction to the topic.

  • Terri
    2018-11-10 15:30

    Most organizations should be moving toward big data, especially retail, travel,telecommunications, media, entertainment, and financial services. And funny enough a 2013 survey showed that although familiar with the concept, only 28% were making use big data.What is this thing called "Big Data?" Big Data is broad and affects organizations and businesses in a myriad of ways. Basically it's a way of taking in huge amounts of data, even data that you might not think is relevant and making use of it by deciphering exactly what you need from it. And it will take a lot of data collection, IT development, system integration, and analysis capability.Using big data will require 1. understanding the opportunities from a data perspective so that the highest potential in a business, an individual, or an organization can be achieved and 2. Obtaining the big data applications that is needed, rather than simply what is available. What strategy, goals, objectives, and initiatives could be advanced with big data?Big data will allow savings, faster and better decisions, and innovation. It is something to know about. Thomas Davenport does a good job with this book.

  • Brian
    2018-10-24 15:27

    Big Data at work seeks to provide a high level overview of what Big Data is and how it can integrate into the business world. Thomas Davenport seeks to show that the next evolution in data management (from traditional reporting, to business intelligence to analytics) is now focused on Big Data and how to organize large unstructured amounts of data and correlate it with trends in your industry. Davenport looks at two paths that have used big data. The start-ups who had a clean slate and were able to organize their data from the start. The second is the existing companies that have to integrate a legacy ERP/CRM system with the massive amounts of big data. The traditional data warehouse model is explored and although not getting to technical it gives a sense as tot the partnership between IT and the “Data Scientists” who conduct the big data work. The book is meant to stay at a high level and does so with a focus on why big data should be used without getting into the nitty gritty how or lost in the technology of Hadoop clusters and analytical tools. A worthwhile read and one for those who want to understand more about big data.

  • Heath Henwood
    2018-11-06 10:50

    Big Data at WorkThomas H. DavenportHarvard Business Review PressWhat is Big Data? This book explains what Big data is and how it is different from conventional data, and why it is important for business.In understandable terms, Davenport describes Big Data as unstructured data that flows continuously. Technology and the internet provide this type of data, for businesses to process and analyse, often on the run.The book goes on to explain how to start and develop a strategy to get on board, and integrate it into the business. This needs to be more practical than it is.A worthwhile read and one for those who want to understand more about big data, but not for those wanting a book that will allow them to develop an action plan.Thanks to Netgalley & Harvard Business Review Press for my copy. This review can also be found on my blog, Books-Reviewed.

  • Radu
    2018-11-07 11:33

    Definitely an easy-to-read book about a very hot analytics topic, "Big Data At Work" is written almost literally based on a successful science-writing recipy: define, analyze, rinse, repeat. I enjoyed the book substantially, especially its quick study cases and its concise manner of popularizing difficult concepts (I still keep at hand Davenport's definitions of the most used statistical measures). As I reviewed "Big Data At Work" on the investments blog, I couldn't help myself but to enjoy the popcorn enjoyable style of the author, who can transform a thorny topic into a pallatable lecture.

  • Mike Schubert
    2018-11-18 13:38

    Pragmatic AdviceThis is a good book for anyone looking for strategic advice in the realm of enterprise big data. Davenport covers a variety of concerns including data sourcing, the role of the data scientist, and glimpses into approaches that some companies have already adopted. He provides summaries at the end of each topic that include a number of questions that will help you drive towards the right approach for your organization. One important note is that this is not a technology roadmap per se. Technologists looking for tactical guidance in the realms of Hadoop, map reduce, etc. should look elsewhere for coverage of those topics.

  • Dean
    2018-11-05 09:44

    This book's intended audience is a rather narrow band. Directed at upper level managers who are playing catch up on (or new to) the 'big data' game, Babson Professor - Thomas Davenport, has crafted a very readable and approachable high level executive summary on the importance of big data utilization, how to set up said infrastructure, how to staff and some light usage case scenarios. Those already well versed on these practices and looking for something more technical won't learn anything that they aren't already familiar with but for those that the book is intended for a nice crash course on the essential concepts and process is thoughtfully presented.

  • Darius Daruvalla-riccio
    2018-10-23 08:27

    this is an interesting book on that teaches you what big data is, how it is used now and how it may be used in future. the book makes a strong case on how important big data will be to businss in future so it's a big recommendation for people in's a little slow to start but very good once it gets going it's very good. there's lots of interesting side points that go along with the main point.reading this book alongside 'Rise of the Robots' works very well. they cover many similar points and they support each other by approaching the points from two different angles.

  • Danial
    2018-11-08 15:31

    Decent introduction into the business applications of Big Data; though the analytics portion of the book can be summarized as "read my other book Competing on Analytics!" However, for what it was (a business book) it did its job well and served as a good secondary source to a few other deeper technical works.Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus

  • Denise Morse
    2018-10-21 10:24

    How can you go wrong with a book about data??? Although this is what I do for a living (data analytics) I am not an expert in big data and cannot always get my head around what to do with those massive data sets. The world of data is getting bigger and bigger, and the amount that we can actually do anything with is a fraction of what could be done. I recommend this book for learning about big data and its potential.

  • Jano Kešelák
    2018-11-01 09:31

    Insightful and concise book on Big Data in business context. Don't expect anything too technical here - this is a book written for executives that are looking for ways in which Big Data could enhance or optimize their existing businesses. Overall a very good overview that helps to frame the current buzz around big data in the typical HBR fashion.

  • Ray
    2018-10-27 15:50

    Good overview of big data. It was a quick read. It was a bit high level with a few examples of lower level ideas, but the author does caveat that at the beginning of the book. Great read for any decision makers in an organization that may be able to utilize big data to promote their organization.

  • mellyana
    2018-11-08 16:34

    Only small portion of this book answer my question, that is the chapter about human side of big data. The rest of it are more useful for those with private company background. I didn't realize it. Anyway, I think it's good reading for anyone want to know about the basic and big data potential for a private company.

  • Donn
    2018-10-19 14:42

    Overall a good primer for manager, especially those in more senior roles. But for technical data science practitioners, especially those lower down the corporate hierarchy in a not so analytically mature company, this isn't as useful as I would have hoped.

  • Bogdan Batrin
    2018-11-19 14:38

    The book is meant to argue why a company should be using big data. It's not really that useful as a guide / instruction on what has been done so far or what will come up next. Good for someone just starting to check out the filed, a bit redundent if ou already have experience.

  • Matthew Lanham
    2018-11-18 16:48

    Like his book "Competing on Analytics," Davenport provides some interesting examples of analytics (here BDA) from real-world companies. Several good quotes if writing a proposal to get more money to invest in more data scientist talent and/or BDA technologies. Nothing technical.

  • Jose Papo
    2018-11-09 11:30

    A nice overview of Big Data applications and use cases by Davenport. Chapter 2 was the most interesting, because it shows many near future examples of the application of Big Data in several industries to give customers better jobs and experiences.

  • amy
    2018-11-01 13:27

    an overview of big data and what one needs to consider when developing strategies to employ big data in the workplace. librarians: metadata is mentioned once in passing. the first and last chapters were of most use to me as they were more of an overview/big picture presentation.

  • Thai
    2018-11-01 14:32

    Good book for those who want to understand what big data is!